Whitesburg KY

No bears were seen on Little Shepherd Trail

Hello everyone. I hope everyone has been enjoying the spring weather. It’s been up and down with the temperatures but soon it’ll be warm all the time.

Sunday’s basketball game was nerve racking and it didn’t end the way we wanted it to end. The UK team members are great players and will be back next year. Wildcat fans are loyal fans.

John, Faye, Mike and I took a ride across the Little Shepherd Trail during the past week. It was a nice trip. We did see a few vehicles but no bears. We saw a groundhog as we got started on the trail. In Cumberland, we went to Charlotte’s restaurant and ate. The food was delicious and, yes, I ate too much.

We also took a drive up the Gas Hill and Town Hill. It was a beautiful day on Saturday and we had a great ride in the side-by-side. There were some redbud trees in bloom. We did see three four-wheelers on our trip. That area is a fun place to ride around.

My cousin, Russell Whitaker of Winchester, passed away on March 28, 2019. He is survived by his wife, Patricia Cracraft Whitaker, and one daughter, Belinda (Tom) Watkins. He had three grandchildren, Russell (Alisha), Brandon, and Morgan. He had one great-grandson, Jasper. Russell had one brother, Roland (Becky) of Oklahoma, and one niece and one nephew. Russell’s parents were Irvin and Alta (Campbell) of Winchester. Losing cousins is like losing a piece of your childhood.

Ken and Tonia Banks of New Carlisle, Ohio, just returned from a week’s cruise. They left out of Miami and went to the Dominican Republican, St. Thomas, San Juan, Puerto Rico, and Grand Turk. They had a wonderful time. Ken is the grandson of the late Thelma and Charlie Banks of Little Cowan.

Tori Akers and daughters, Callie and Ella of Talbott, Tennesee, came in to visit her parents John and Barbara Banks. On Saturday, Tori, Calle, Ella, and John hiked to Bad Branch Falls. From the pictures I saw, they had a wonderful time.

Roger Yonts of Dahlonega, Georgia, came in to visit his parents Anna and Duane Yonts of Little Cowan. I did get to see him at church on Sunday and it was good spending a little time with him.

Here is a list of some April birthdays. I probably left out a few. I wish them all a happy birthday.

2-Carol Ison
3-Brittany Bates Sturgill
6-Gretta Newson
Maguana Carhart Qualls
7-Doris Banks
14-Caron Crawford McCracken
15-Danny Adkins
16-John Campbell
17-Victoria Watts
19-Morgan Eldridge
Raine Stewart
21-LeeAnna Mullins
23-David Fisher
25-Susan Stamper
27-Joy Ison
29-Randy Brown
30-Susan Campbell Ware

This week’s Social Media quote is attributed to Constance Reeves, a 101-yearold cowgirl: “Don’t let that rocking chair take over. Get up and go even if you don’t want to.”

If you have any Cowan News, please send me an email at Cowannews@aol.com.

Thank you and enjoy the week.

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