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No excuse for driving under the influence

Hope everyone had a safe Memorial weekend, but even as I write this I am sure there are many who did not for one reason or another, and especially due to driving under the influence for which there is no excuse and no defense.

Nobody is twisting your arm or using some other means of coercion forcing you to partake of the pleasures of the devil. Satan will try to make people believe it is alright to do whatever you want to do during the week as long as you fill your seat on Sunday. But you are just as guilty on Sunday as you were during the week.

As for the drug problem, I see it like this. As long as there are buyers there are going to be dealers. The users are not very smart to begin with and need to get educated about the dangers and consequences of partaking if the pleasures of the devil.

The same goes for idiot weed and alcohol.

All newborns should be tested for drugs and the mother of any who tests positive should have to be rehabilitated for at least a year in an institution. Educating the father of a child would be more difficult in part because in many cases the mother doesn’t even know who the father is and DNA would be needed to confirm it and could be rather expensive.

Look into the eyes of an addict and you’ll notice there is nothing there, only a hollow shell that was once functional, no human reality and no remorse for the evil they do to satisfy their habit, having long ago sold their soul to the devil for pills, alcohol and other vices.

May 28 was Memorial Day to remember loved ones who have passed on and I wonder how many new names will be added by next Memorial Day because of the pleasures of the devil. Quite a few, I would venture to say.

If any of you readers were out on the road driving under any type of impairment, I hope you had the pleasure of seeing those beautiful blue lights in your rearview mirror. They are beautiful because they mean safety. If you’ll respect the owners of those blue lights, they will respect you, but if you act the part of a jackass don’t expect to be treated like royalty.

Until next time from the funny farm.

Contributing writer Relon Hampton lives at Premium.

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