Whitesburg KY

No luck finding dryland fish this year

Big Cowan

Hello everyone. Another one of our neighbors died; Gillis Dollarhide had lung cancer. Our sympathy goes out to his family.

He lived in Columbus, Ind., for several years before retiring and moving back here. He is survived by his children and two sisters, Linda and Brack Sexton, and Velda and Elmer Fraley. He will be missed by many.

My brother Archie and nephew Wayne have been looking for dryland fish, but haven’t found very many as of yet. I am waiting for them to bring me some poke salad and rhubarb so I can make some dumplings.

All the trees and flowers are still looking pretty, even with this cold spell we are having. It’s better than the snow we had.

My oldest granddaughter should be moving in with me sometime this week. I hope she will enjoy it here.

I haven’t heard anything from Georgette Day Simms lately. I hope her husband Harry is doing better after surgery. Also, I hope Arthur Miles is doing better.

Keep all the lost in your prayers, and all who are enslaved with drugs and alcohol, all those who are sick and the shut-ins, the homeless and those in the nursing homes and hospitals. They would love to trade places with you so let’s keep them in our prayers and smile when you see them. Let your light shine, because sometimes you’re the only book that people can read.

Pray for our churches and pastors. It seems like people don’t want to go to church anymore. It used to be that our church houses would be full, but in these days the only time you see people in church is at weddings or funerals.

We need to get off of our sorry behinds (this includes me) and go to church and worship and praise our God. Don’t just tell Him you love Him, show Him.

Visit the shut-ins. Our arms were not made to hang down, but to raise them in praise.

Enough with the sermon. Have a good week and attend the church of your choice. Be good to one another.

Pray for our pastor, Johnny Collier. He is having a rough time with his arm. Also, Charlie Adams has gout in his arm, and Chester Hogg’s wife has trouble with her right arm

Shirley Day did not have to have surgery on her shoulder, praise the Lord.

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