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No more Jenkins city taxes

To the Editor:

Jenkins City Council member Terry Braddock says no more taxes on the citizens of Jenkins. Every time you pick up a newspaper after a Jenkins City Hall meeting, the mayor is asking for a new rate increase on anything not nailed down in Jenkins.

Now they want to increase property tax on homes and businesses in Jenkins and the citizens say no more taxes or rate increases for city services and taxes on our property. The people are angry because the City of Jenkins is doing very little to improve the streets and is still billing the people for water not used.

Many people have signed a petition to address these issues at the Sept. 13 town council meeting. I ask all citizens concerned about your town government’s excesses, remember in the United States the people are the government. Only you can stop the irresponsible actions of your mayor and city council. Please attend the Sept. 13 council meeting.


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