Whitesburg KY

No one can take our dreams, memories

Now if that don’t knock your hat into the creek. Not over a month ago I could get a glimpse of a squirrel in a hurry, but the closer hunting season got the fewer squirrels I saw.

I have not seen hide nor hair of any in the past two weeks. It seems as if instinct is telling them to disappear. I can’t get around now to do any of the things I always loved to, so my hunting is a thing of the past. My mobility is near zero now and I can only stand for short periods — very short. But my mind still kicks into gear once in awhile so I just go on dreaming.

As long as we are of a rational mind, nobody can take our dreams and our memories away from us. In our dreams we can go many places and do many interesting things.

In our memories we can remember all the good times and good things we have done over a long period of time. But unfortunately we remember the sad things too. So goes my joy of interacting with nature.

A couple of my sons and I went down to Cave Run on a deer hunting excursion a few years ago. We hunted several locations without even seeing a deer. At one place we were driving along the top of a ridge and my son Steven, who was doing all of the driving, looked over the hill by the side of the road and said, “There’s one thing for sure. If we kill one, it will be tenderized by the time it rolls to the bottom of this hill.” I had no desire to look to see how steep it was.

We ventured on down to the bottom at the foot of the mountain and still no luck. But we did find where they had been eating some mushrooms under the trees. We gave up and headed back to the camp, and as we were leaving the area Steven glanced over beside the road and said, “Just look at that. Don’t tell me deer can’t read.”

There stood two deer beside a ‘No Hunting’ sign, and they probably had a smirk on their faces too, as we passed.

Now a little humor: A city boy invited his cousin who lived on a farm and couldn’t hear too well to go on a blind date. The country boy didn’t like the idea, saying he wouldn’t know what to say to a strange city girl.

The city boy told him to say everything he said, so he agreed to go. As they sat in the car at an overlook, the city boy’s girl asked him what he did during the week, and he said that he concentrated on matrimony.

The country boy’s girl asked him the same question, to which he replied, “I constipated on macaroni.”

And that’s all from the funny farm until next time.

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