Whitesburg KY

No reason to be bored

Hello from Kingscreek Center.

As usual, we have been very busy with two quilts going. It’s a challenge, but we take time to play cards. We’ve been playing ‘Skip- Bo’ (lots of fun).

Some of our older ladies haven’t been feeling well so don’t come as often as they would like. Since next Tuesday is Valentine’s Day, they are all going to try to be there.

Thursday we went to Boone Fork Center. I had never been there. They have a nice center. All the centers were there for a talk on medication management.

Met a lot of old friends there, including Marie Pendleton and her son, Stoney Fields. He is one of the sweetest young men I have ever known. So a special hello to them.

After the meeting we went to the vendor’s mall there at Neon. I bought a planter and stand for my African violets. It is surely true, “one man’s trash is another woman’s treasure.”

From there it was to the Dollar Store at Mayking for more shopping, then on to Wendy’s for lunch. The final stop was at Food City.

Cathy Ingram is so wonderful about stopping where we need to go. Some of us have transportation problems and it’s nice to get your milk and such without having to make a special trip out!

I bought another African violet from Food City. Doris Banks works in the floral department there. She always has a big smile on her face. We all love to talk to her.

Well, it’s time for me to get on my soapbox again. I hear people all over the county saying they are bored. Why?

If you look around there are plenty of opportunities for enjoyment. Gather three friends and play cards, work a puzzle or talk. Go to church, walk on the beautiful walking tracks all over the county.

Try volunteering at a Head Start, start a hobby or call on a new neighbor. I could go on for another hour about this, but I won’t.

The answer is getting outside of your own self. Think with your heart and spread your wings. It feels so good to laugh. Try it and see.

Until next week, think good thoughts.

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