Whitesburg KY

No salary increases for county officials

Letcher County’s five magistrates and other county-paid elected officials will continue drawing their current annual salaries during the next four years following action this week by the Letcher Fiscal Court.

Magistrates adopted the existing salary schedule for elected officials this week in keeping with state law that requires that salaries for magistrates and several other county officials must be set every four years by the first Monday in May and may not be changed during the magistrates’ terms of office.

Under the plan, magistrates will continue to be paid $23,378.64 annually. The county coroner will continue to make $21,505 each of the next four years and the county’s five constables will draw annual salaries of $4,301. The county surveyor will continue to be paid $8,443, while the county attorney, will draw $34,963 annually from county funds for his role in providing legal advice to the fiscal court. The county attorney is also compensated by the state.

The salaries for the Letcher County offices of judge/executive, sheriff, jailer, property valuation administrator, county court clerk and circuit court clerk are set by the state and can range as high as $93,085 annually.

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