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RECAPS – 5/28 – 6/1

ALL MY CHILDREN – Ryan admits to Annie that he and Greenlee shared a kiss. That’s all Annie needs to know to think that Ryan is having second thoughts about being married to her. Ryan tries to convince her that she’s the only one for him. Greenlee humiliates Babe by telling all that Babe is a high school drop out. Jonathan gets a job offer from Ryan who wants him to be part of the venture capital company he is starting. Greenlee accuses Annie of being paranoid when Annie accuses her of trying to steal Ryan away from her. Jack and Erica are doing the talk show circuit. Jack throws Erica a curve when he gives her an anniversary present while on the air. Erica reacts badly and accuses Jack of trying to make her look bad.

THIS WEEK: Ryan and Kendall try to make peace with Greenlee. Colby gets some shocking news.

GENERAL HOSPITAL – Mac is upset when Jax, Alexis, Nikolas, Emily and Carly say that Jerry is not James Craig. Further DNA evidence is needed and Ric says the Port Charles Police Department has some of Craig’s DNA and wants to test it with Jerry’s. When Kate attacks Carly’s character, Sonny rises to her defense and tells Kate that Carly is nothing like the person she says he is. Lulu is sheltered from Laura’s hearing so she doesn’t find out anything about her mother and father. Carly is so upset with Jerry that she plans to get even with him, no matter what it takes. Sam is upset when Jason lashes out at her and continues to be less than honest with her. Carly finds it impossible to hide her absolute disdain for her brother in law.

THIS WEEK: Skye is afraid of someone getting even with her. Ric makes a threat against Jax.

ONE LIFE TO LIVE – Jessica says goodbye to her family in a videotape anticipating that she’s going to die. Viki has sympathy for Antonio when she sees he is feeling alienated and wants to leave town with Jamie and not come back. Paige tells Jessica and her family not to give up hope. Dorian forces David to be tested to see if he can help Jessica. Starr is upset when she sees Cole and Britney out together. Paige tells Jessica that Antonio is compatible with her and his liver could save her life. But it may be too late to find him. Antonio has left town and no one knows where he is. Nash leaves Jessica’s side to track down Antonio before it’s too late. Marty is convinced she killed Spencer, but Dr. Young isn’t convinced that she’s right.

THIS WEEK: Blair has hope that Todd is still alive. Miles torments Marty.

AS THE WORLD TURNS Craig awakens in the hospital to find Meg. He wonders why Meg was there and flashes back to drinking the poisoned coffee. Craig realizes Lucinda poisoned him and is furious, determined to seek revenge. Meg asks Craig to stop the war, and Craig agrees to concede if Meg marries him. Meg turns down his proposal, but Craig offers to give back WorldWide to Lucinda if she agrees. Meg informs Lucinda that Craig knows she poisoned him and of his offer to return WorldWide. Paul holds his and Meg’s weddings rings and has a vision: an unidentified bride screams as an unidentified groom slips a ring on her finger. Shaken Paul decides to test the wedding rings again – and this time sees Meg as the bride. When Carly tries to embrace Jack, he let’s her know he’s involved with another woman.

THIS WEEK: Lance tries to blackmail Alison into going back to Vegas with him. Dusty threatens Lance, and tells him to leave Alison alone.

GUIDING LIGHT – Gus sees a juvie officer getting rough with Rafe. Meanwhile, Natalia is shocked when Remy figures out that Gus is Rafe’s dad. Gus tells the officer to lay off Rafe, and then meets him for the first time. Later, Harley is trying to set Natalia up with Dylan, but Gus doesn’t like the idea and Harley wonders why. Harley desperately tries to show Dylan and Natalia how good they’d be together. Buzz hands picks up a call from Juvie, and gives the phone to Natalia. Natalia covers, saying she left her wallet at Juvie, but later Harley catches her in her lie. Cyrus comes face to face with Marina, accusing her of missing him. Marina assures Frank she would never be with a guy like Cyrus.

THIS WEEK: Alan digs into upset Cassie about Reva and Josh. Josh asks Cassie to marry him tomorrow.

THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL – Following Stephanie’s advice, Ridge decides to wait until Nick’s sentence is read, but confesses the truth to Taylor and Phoebe. Ridge leaves a very angry and distraught Taylor and Phoebe to explain the truth to Nick, adding that Shane’s death was still his fault. Ridge admits to Nick that he did not intentionally frame Nick, but would still love to see him in jail. After Taylor attempts to convince Lt. Baker and Tartaro to find evidence against Ridge, he comes forward and publicly confesses the truth, after which Nick is released from prison. Stephanie confesses the truth the Eric, who is very ashamed of Stephanie. Later when Eric visits Ridge in jail, Eric cannot assure Ridge that everything will be okay. Both Taylor and Nick are happy that Nick is home again.

THIS WEEK: Taylor and Brooke discuss how the current events are affecting their children. Felicia grills Constantine about his intentions with Phoebe.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES – Marlena and Belle are stunned that a comatose John won’t let go of Belle’s hand. The doctor checks John’s vital signs and then determines that he’s responding to Belle’s voice. He gets John to signal his awareness by moving a finger. Marlena takes over and gets John to open his eyes. Willow confronts Shawn with proof that he’s the father of her baby – results of a DNA test from an amnio she had in prison. Shawn finally believes her, but she says she doesn’t want him to be part of her baby’s life. Stephanie tells Chelsea she wants to go to Salem U. and has an idea for the two of them to make money as flight attendants during the summer. Stephanie’s boyfriend is starting a shuttle business between Salem and Las Vegas.

THIS WEEK: Bo and John show up at the DiMera mansion to see Tony. Sami regains consciousness, overwrought when she realizes how close she came to dying.

PASSIONS – A committee of witches shows up at Tabitha’s door to see if she should be reclassified as a good witch. To prove them wrong, Tabitha creates a violent windstorm. The hags are unimpressed. They want her to destroy an amusement park. Fox enjoys spending time with Kay as she secretly pines for Miguel. Miguel turns to his mother for help in understanding why Kay pushed him away. However, Pilar is at a loss as well. Tabitha is forced to decide whether she’s a good witch or a bad witch when she catches Miguel spying on her doing magic. Will she let Miguel go, or stop him from revealing her secret by killing him? Eve comforts her daughter as Whitney explains why her marriage is over.

THIS WEEK: Sam ponders Grace’s cryptic diary entries – did she know about the blackmailer? Theresa panics as Julian prepares to tell Ethan her secret.

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