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RECAPS – 1/2-1/6

THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL . Bill’s machinations helped Steffy to keep Liam from seeing that Hope was in the resort. Despite his best efforts, Thomas couldn’t stop Liam from seeing Hope. Katie learned about Bill’s involvement with Steffy and Liam’s holiday. Steffy put herself in danger in order to stop Liam from going to Hope. Ridge was upset to hear about his children all being in Cabo San Lucas. Brooke had a premonition of something bad happening. Liam realized how important Steffy was to him. Bill confessed his feelings to Steffy. Katie and Brooke conceived a plan to keep Steffy’s story out of the American media. Liam told Bill that he would make his own mind up about Hope or Steffy. Thomas was making some headway with Hope. Unbeknownst to anyone, Bill took drastic steps to ensure that Liam chose to stay with Steffy.

THIS WEEK: Bill brings in his personal doctor to treat Steffy.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES . Jennifer planned to give Nicole a taste of her own medicine, and Brady had just what the doctor ordered for Madison. Sami’s first day at work brought an unexpected request from Kate, while Marlena made a request of Will, hoping it might right some of her past wrongs. Bo and Hope confronted their problems with Marlena, as Will considered fleeing from his own, as well as Salem. Carrie and Rafe had a rough time getting their business started, as Chad and Melanie decided to start over. A day at the spa revealed the true romantic intentions of Gabi and Quinn, but devastating news continued to keep Jennifer conflicted about her own. Meanwhile, Brady made his father a surprising offer. Stefano showed a soft side as he came close to confessing his role in John’s freedom to Kate and EJ, while Will came up with a plan that is very Di- Mera-esque. As John planned his rise, it seems he may be the true Phoenix.

THIS WEEK: EJ turns Will’s blackmail attempts around on him.

GENERAL HOSPITAL . Michael turned on Jason when he learned that he’d been part of keeping the truth about Jax being alive a secret. Carly was desperate to keep Michael from joining Johnny’s organization. Patrick questioned Robin about her trying to go out of town without him. The woman in white entranced Spinelli. Sonny was unable to comfort Michael over Abby’s death. Sam took a pregnancy test when she missed her period. Tracy listened to Anthony’s proposal. Robin asked Liz to take her place in Patrick and Emma’s life should anything happen to Robin. Michael and Jason had a fight and Jason wound up at General Hospital where he passed out before being treated. Spinelli offered to be Maxie’s roommate when Lulu moved out. Tracy and Anthony’s wedding made the tabloids. Sonny suspected that something was wrong with Alexis.

THIS WEEK: Sam prays for a miracle.

ONE LIFE TO LIVE . Bo and John discovered that there’d been a prison break. They were shocked to learn who was the mastermind of the break. Natalie was shocked when Mitch appeared and asked to see Jessica. Nora was taken hostage by Troy. Starr was stunned when Cole showed up. Todd declared his love to Blair and they kissed passionately. Viki heard Mitch’s demands. John insisted on speaking with Natalie. Viki, John and Clint worked to save Natalie. James warned Starr about Cole escaping from prison. Starr kept the truth about Cole from James, jeopardizing her relationship with him. Blair struggled to keep her feelings in check when Todd painted a picture of what their future together could be. Troy went to extreme measures to have his way with Nora. Shots were fired in the wake of the prison break and lives hung in the balance.

THIS WEEK: The citizen of Llanview face big decisions.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS . Kevin fumed when Angelina posted a video of herself on Faceplace. Nikki was shocked when Victor declared that Sharon would be marrying him. Avery broke up with Nick because she suspected that he was still in love with Phyllis. Ronan rejected Phyllis for the same reason. Nick went to Phyllis and burst into her apartment where they made passionate love. Chloe was angry in the wake of Kevin’s abandonment. Nick told Sharon that he was keeping her from Faith because she could not be trusted. Daniel comforted Chloe and they wound up kissing. Eden took a picture of Chloe and Daniel together. The girl from Myanmar, Chelsea, appeared on Billy’s doorstep, accusing him of forcing her to sleep with him. Billy explained he’d been drugged and woke up with a bag or heroin in his hand and the cops surrounding his bed. Chelsea admitted that Billy hadn’t forced himself on her, but also showed him and Victoria that she was pregnant with Billy’s child. Patty drugged Jack and got into bed with him.

THIS WEEK: Sharon fights Nick for Faith.

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