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No two people look at things the same way

Well, here we go again. Seems as if I am always getting on a nerve or two and planting my big foot on someone else’s toes with my trivial nonsense. But I write things as I see them, and if someone doesn’t see eye to eye with me, that is their right and privilege. No two people are going to look at things through the same eyes.

For starters, our children have a lot more than we ever dreamed of and one item in particular is education. If a youngster has the get up and go and really wants to get a good education to hopefully have a better chance at survival, there is usually a way to accomplish this.

I guess the most traumatic time for youngsters is grade school because some kids are not taught at home to respect others. We have and always will have our bullies at school, and those who think they are superior to other children. Why? Because they are not taught at home that they are no better but just as important as any other child.

When a child reaches the age to be on their own and thinks they are the best, they will have to prove it over and over again in the job market because no matter how good anyone thinks they are, there is always someone better waiting for a chance to dethrone you.

Just having the right attitude will go a long way with an employer because you not only have to be productive, but you must be able to interact with others. As I have often said, you can have all the book learning available, but if you don’t have some common horse sense you are still illiterate.

We should instill in our children as they grow up how important a good education is, but please don’t do as I did. I started in college at age 50 simply because I wanted to prove to myself that I could do it. It was hard work, but I succeeded and graduated wearing the gold.

If this old fool could do it, so could a lot of others if they would only take that first step.

I’ll leave you with this little ditty. A preacher heard a small boy using bad language and made a deal with him. If he heard the preacher using foul language, the preacher would give him a nice cherry pie. About a month later, the preacher was preaching and said, “It’s by God we live and by God we die.” The little boy jumped up and yelled, “And you owe me a cherry pie.”

That’s all from the funny farm ‘til next time.

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