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No white Christmas

Southern Ohio

Merry Christmas everyone.

It doesn’t look as if we will be having snow for Christmas and I can only speak for myself, I really don’t care if I don’t see anymore of that beautiful, soft, white stuff for the rest of winter.

Oh, how I wish spring was just around the corner. In fact as I walked through my yard, I saw a single dandelion blooming.

Have I told you lately I hate cold weather?

Now all that moaning and groaning aside, I will try to write a column.

Christmas came a few days early for me as a D.J. friend of mine sent me a couple of bluegrass Christmas CD’s. There are times while driving I just want to stop my car and get out and dance a jig.

Listening to my grandchildren telling of the things they want for Christmas takes me back once again to my childhood at Roxana, today my thoughts travel back again once more, the sad and yet good part of memories. There weren’t very many children that got anything for Christmas.

I really don’t remember being in anyone’s house that had a Christmas tree up except Minnie Whitaker’s, and there were a few presents under the tree.

When I was 11 my cousin Bessie Jane Gibson and I sneaked onto Hiram Mitchell’s property and cut a small soft needle pine tree and dragged it home. I was Miss Gracious back then as I fell in the snow and busted my nose. The snow was really deep yet I hit a rock or something and left tracks in the snow.

I helped Martha Mitchell clean her house and mopped her floors. She paid me a dollar and I bought a strand of lights and a box of silver icicles from Bernice Adams. Oh, how pretty that tree looked.

As I sit here tonight writing this it is a reminder that I have never been a child as I think I was born old, trying to be a grown-up when nothing but a little girl.

My sister Loretta Church told someone at Letcher Manor that I was more a mother than a sister, and I am five years older than Loretta.

I really never questioned Mother as to the reason that Santa didn’t come to see us kids, meaning Wallace Lee, Loretta and me. Sometime in later years, long after I left home, Daddy got Wallace Lee a bicycle and of course Wallace couldn’t ride it. I was married with a family by that time.

I do know after I left home the children started getting toys or a little something, and after I was married I started sending something to everyone at Christmas.

My sympathy goes out to Christine Fields in the loss of her husband. Christine also writes for The Mountain Eagle.

I really miss Emma Lou Engle’s column, and her friendship also.

Gwen Huff Farmer’s family is very much in my thoughts as this is the first Christmas without Gwen. I miss talking to Gwen, and communicating with her on the computer.

I will always regret not going back to see Gwen. Like so many I get wrapped up in my own personal life and don’t do the things that I should do.

There’s another dear friend, Willamae Boggs, oh how my heart aches when I run across her cards that I haven’t been able to throw away.

When my journey on Earth is finished my kids will have a field day throwing my junk away. I only have one wish, that I can get the strength to get rid of stuff and clear my house out before something happens to me.

I ventured to my daughter Anna Nottingham’s since I haven’t been there in a month or longer. My two- year- old grandson Kyle came running to give me a hug around my legs.

Anna babysits with several small children, so Kyle decided that the other children should hug me too. Kyle said, “Come on give Mamaw a hug, you hug her too.”

My granddaughters Katelyn and Jessica are planning on spending a few days with me during Christmas break.

Sarah is 15, so she is so busy with other things that she has almost outgrown the need for me.

My heart aches for Scott in the loss of his dad. With a woman you can reach out and hug, but how do you comfort a man? Scott has been more like a son to me than a son-in-law.

I missed going to Hunters Pizzeria to see Tony Hale & Black Water Bluegrass Band so that means I missed spending time with my extended family, Les and Pat Wagner along with Larry and Becky Hasty, Polly and Kelly.

I haven’t talked to Doyle or Betty Ison for a few days. I hope they are alright.

Johnny and Ann Calihan are still perking along. Ann really enjoyed being with her family for a while, though she wishes it had been under different circumstances.

One of the Rural 2 Bluegrass Band members, Bruce Murray, is very seriously ill. Bruce is the guitar picker and a very good singer. Bruce has been ill for a couple of months. I wish him a speedy recovery. I have almost worn out the Silver Medals & Sweet Memories CD. So I guess that means I will be getting a new one.

Sunrise Ridge CD with Jack Adams’s banjo picking makes my foot go a little too fast, and I really have to watch it.

Bev Adams, I hope this finds you feeling better.

Glenora Eldridge, I hope Santa is good to you and your family as I know you have been a good girl.

Annabelle Wright, I saw where you are in the hospital. I really hope you are out by now.

Merry Christmas to all the staff at The Mountain Eagle. Pam, I am trying to remember your advice about truck drivers and tattoos, however you know the saying, ‘”Girls just want to have fun.”

Until next time, Rose Ballard, 9110 Lawrenceburg Road, Harrison, Ohio 45030, email Bluegrassmama4@aol.com, telephone 513-367-4682.

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