Whitesburg KY

Northeast Ohio

90 family members gather for reunion

Back home in Lorain after a most enjoyable visit to Letcher County. The mountains are absolutely beautiful. We got in that Thursday early afternoon, checked in at the motel, rested a bit then drove to Kentucky where Red’s brother and sister-in-law, Charles and Delores, had a delicious meal prepared for us.

Friday morning we went to Pine Mountain Grill for breakfast and were joined by my sister, Anna Goins; all three of Red’s sisters, Nina Hobbs, Mae Sowards and Jean Hunsucker; a niece, Lena Stalled, and her brother, Newell Reed Hampton, with his wife, Erica; and a grandson, Trevor Trent from Prince George, Va. Delmar Sergent stopped by to say hello. After breakfast we went by the fabric shop to see good friend Patty Evans and pick up three quilt paddings. We had another delicious meal Friday evening; this one Jean cooked. Several of the family were there and everyone enjoyed themselves.

When we got back to the motel, we ran into a most pleasant young woman and we ended up on one of the benches talking for about an hour. Her name is Melissa Rowe Weson from Columbus, Ind. She was in town for the Rowe family reunion at Clintwood, Va. Thirty-one family members were guests at the motel and that was just the mother’s side of the family. Her late father’s family live mostly in or near the Clintwood area. Hope they had an enjoyable time together. I’m sure they did.

Saturday morning we went to Pine Mountain Grill for breakfast and parked by a van. Then, lo and behold, who should be driving? No one but Rose Ballard Durham (Mountain Eagle southern Ohio news)! They joined us for coffee (wanted to buy their breakfast, next time for sure). We talked and talked. I really enjoyed meeting them and hope someday we can visit again. They are both nuts, oops! Don’t tell them I said that but I mean it in the nicest way.

I also got to meet Oma Hatton, but briefly. I would have liked to have had more time with her. Sister Anna thinks a lot of her. She really did seem like a person one would want to know. Hello, Oma, hope things are well with you and do hope your husband is improving.

I’m mad at me – here I met two celebrities and didn’t even get one autograph.

I saw Creda Isaac with her daughter-in-law and grandbaby, and also ran into Mae Ruth Bentley. She lives a few miles from us and we had to go all the way to Letcher County to see her. With her were her granddaughter and two nieces, Louise Bentley Chaffins and Sandra Bentley, both from Lexington. They are the daughters of the late Earl and Geraldine Bentley. We saw another Bentley from the Deane area, now living in Alexandria, Va., Georgia Bentley Starry. Our visit was all too brief. She is a lovely young woman.

Anna and I visited some cousins. We went to four places but got to see only Geneva Profitt (the late Donald Profitt) and Bobby and Norma Kincer. To Ronny Sergent and Reva Sergent, sorry we missed you, maybe next time.

Sunday was our picnic; we had 90 in attendance. I would put names in but there are too many. We had lots of good food and even more yakking. We came home Monday. We had nice weather all weekend, only thing I hit fog along the Big Sandy River, starting just before we got to Pikeville. It was not so thick that it slowed me down too much.

Billy Wayne and Redia went down and took Christopher and Meagan. They stayed in Pikeville where some of Redia’s family live and met there for a reunion.

We have picked mustard greens twice and next week plan to put some in freezer.

I have a million letters to write. Well maybe not a million, but a lot. I need a little break before getting started.

We have had no rain here and everything is dry. We have to wet the garden once in a while.

Hey, Rose, how ’bout sometime we plan a trip to the mountains and do some running around? We can visit your part of the county and I’ll show you the hollow where I grew up.

Hello to Chalmer and Goldie Engle at Manor Nursing Home. It was good seeing you both and hope you are both well.

If this sounds a bit mixed up, I blame it on too much excitement. We really did have a great visit but, as always, are glad to be home.

Y’all be good now, have a great summer and do watch out for the little ones now that the school year has ended. Till next time, this is me signing off.

Emma Engle, 4801 Clifton Ave., Lorain, OH 44055, 440-233-7548, emma@englesdiscount.com.

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