Whitesburg KY

Northeast Ohio

The older one gets, the faster time flies

It’s hard to believe another week has gone! Oh time, please slow down. Seems the older one gets, the faster time flies. Hope all fathers really enjoyed their special day.

I now have a new e-mail address. It is emmalouengle@yahoo.com.

We have been having some near perfect weather, just right and my kind, warm with lots of sunshine.

I got my Mountain Eagle and while reading my column to see what I had written, I got a surprise when I wrote about meeting Rose Ballard Durham. I said ‘they,’ so to clear things up, the rest of ‘they’ was Mattie Hall from Whitesburg, sister-in-law to Rose. Howdy, Mattie, hope you are well. Don’t lose that beautiful smile of yours.

I have been in touch with all my family. I’m happy to say most are doing OK, but sad that sister in-law Johnell (wife of Ron) is still having problems. She had gallbladder surgery and seems to be having the same symptoms Red had. I really hope she gets better soon, I want to see her at our picnic in August, just about two months away.

I got a nice long letter from Jeanie with a couple of CD’s, Old Regular Baptist singing. I have a special lady to thank for them. I have never met her, but I’m sure she is one sweet person. Thank you, Jewell Dixon.

Oh, by the way, Jeanie, I saw Steve and Joanie at Little Pilgrim Home Church in Ruggles, Ohio. And I must say you picked the perfect person to deliver your message. Talk about a big hug, Joanie really gave me one. It was their union meeting and a good one it was. Lots of beautiful singing and some good preaching. We do meet the nicest people no matter which church we attend.

Red sure has a bumper crop of mustard greens. I’ve put several packs in freezer and cooked several to eat.

Oma Hatton, I sincerely hope everything is going well for both you and your husband. Our prayers are with you.

Red has talked to most of his family. All seem to be doing well except his sister, Jean Hunsucker, in Eolia. She has been having trouble with her legs. Love and prayers, Jean.

I’m still doing my quilts, something I really like. I like both piecing and doing the actual quilting. I feel as though I have created something. I also like doing appliqué and embroidery.

Congratulations to my niece, Rebecca “Becky” Bashman, who just graduated from Round Lake High School in Round Lake, Ill. Becky is Henry Warren’s granddaughter (daughter of Teena). Also, congratulations to Brittany McAtee of Lorain, Ohio, and to all graduates everywhere. May each and every one have a great future and may all your dreams come true. Have a great summer.

I’ve been trying to get caught up with my letter writing. I try to write three or four a day and am still way behind. So if you haven’t heard from me, the letter is in the mail, maybe!

While I was in Whitesburg, I found the Mexican cornbread mix I’ve been looking for for a year now. I will make cornbread salad for our picnic this year. Now I need to make a trip to Amish Country for dried apples. You can find some around here, but they aren’t as good in my opinion.

Bill and Redia took grandchildren, Christopher and Meagan, to Kentucky Memorial weekend and took them over the Little Shepherd Trail. It wasn’t one of Redia’s favorite rides, but the children enjoyed it. It really is a very interesting and beautiful drive.

Don’t forget my new e-mail address! Stay well, be happy and have a sunshiny day. Love and prayers to all.

Emma Engle, 4801 Clifton Ave., Lorain, OH 44055, (440) 233-7548, emmalouengle@yahoo.com.

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