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Week brings 3 special phone calls

April 6 at 9 p.m., I was waiting for a phone call to let me know if Jeanie had gotten home from the hospital. She went in at 7:00 that morning to have an operation on her arm. Christy called after it was over, and it took two hours. She went for dialysis the day before, but her arm had clotted and she had to skip the procedure. The doctor was called and a trip to hospital was next on the agenda. Christy said they were going to admit her so the doctor could administer the dialysis that was missed.

How was your week? I’ve had better and have also had worse. I did get three very special phone calls, one from Clara Pfister in Clarkston, Mich.; one from Otho and Pat Holcomb in Elyria; and one from Emilie Schmidt in Shepherdsville.

The only ones I have met in person are Otho and Pat, but if anyone heard the rest of us talking they would be convinced we have known each other for years and years. I have met some of the most precious and special people through letters, phone calls and emails. Thank you Mountain Eagle, for giving me the opportunity to get to know so many beautiful people. I only wish I could meet them face to face.

Red has had a couple of pretty bad days and, yes, we have each had another fall. I missed the bottom step going downstairs and have a bruised knee. Red fell against the wall, suffering a pretty good scrape on his arm and several bad bruises. I really don’t believe a baby-sitter would have been able to prevent either fall. I guess we are just plain clumsy.

Right now I wish I were a few years younger or felt much better, then I would help Billy Wayne and Redia at the store. The girl who usually helps is in the hospital and needing a pacemaker, she will be laid up for at least a month.

Still no spring weather around here, or at least my kind of spring, warm and sunny. We are still having rain, cold, winds and in some places a bit of snow. I’m still looking for some green on trees and shrubs.

Hello to Iva — I don’t know your last name or where you live now, but you were raised on Kingscreek and your children were born at Marlowe. Your parents were Arthur and Polly Wells. If you would or could let me know your last name and address, I would like to write you, if that’s okay.

I talked to Georgia and she said she and her family are all well and doing the usual, school and work.

Congratulations to Miss Lindsay Diane Goins of Bedford, who, on May 8 at Rupp Arena, will receive a bachelor’s of arts in psychology with honors. Lindsay is the daughter of Bobby and Valerie Goins, a granddaughter of Anna Lea Goins of Whitesburg, and one of my great-nieces. Lindsay, I’m wishing for you a great, happy and successful future. Love you, Aunt Lou.

Jeanie called and said she was feeling kind of rocky, but being very upbeat as usual. Phil said his ankle was better today, but that old Arthur had decided to pay him a visit.

Red has talked to Charles and his niece Lena Stallard of Pound. Charles was telling him that the store where I get my molasses is closing (boo-hoo). He had gotten me one quart and I ordered another one, hoping they still have some left.

I just got a call from Dorothy Potter of Madison. She is a Letcher County girl who had lived in Cleveland for several years. From there she moved to North Carolina and is now back in Ohio. We have never met but we do know a lot of the same people. I’m hoping we can meet soon, maybe at the Letcher County picnic in September or sooner.

Hello to all you wonderful Letcher Countians, wherever you may reside at this time. Are you like me, regardless of where you live you’ll always be a Letcher Countian?

Have a blessed week, lots of warm sunshine and happiness always.

Emma Lou Engle, 4801 Clifton Ave., Lorain, OH 44055, (440) 233-7548, emmalouengle@yahoo.com.

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