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Hunsuckers celebrate wedding anniversary

I had to get my writing done early, as we were to leave here early Thursday morning on our way to the ‘hill country’.

We got our Eagle and saw where Alma Martin had died. The Martins are one fine family, my dad and mom were friends of theirs for many, many years. I also knew them and one just couldn’t help loving them. Their son, Lester, lives here in Lorain; we used to see him pretty often when we worked at Engle’s Discount. It’s been awhile since we’ve seen him. My heart goes out to Sherd and all the family. Love and prayers to all.

I also want to send sympathy to our friends, Milford and Phyllis Clark. Milford lost a 65- year-old sister Sunday morning. She lived in Nova, Ohio.

Congratulations to brother-inlaw Phil’s Aunt Pressie Adams, who celebrated her 90th birthday on May 19. Wow! Did you see her picture, doesn’t she look beautiful? Hope I will look as good, should I per chance make it that long.

Speaking of birthdays, I want to send out best wishes for a most happy day to the following: sister in-law Georgia Hall Sergent in Lorain, Ohio, on the 6th; Jennifer Edwards Hall in Letcher County on the 17th; Thelma Campbell Watts’s great-granddaughter, Abby, in Tennessee on the 21st; Vanessa Shortt Welch (Jean’s granddaughter) in New York on the 26th; Kimberly Brashears in McRoberts on the 20th; Christopher McAttee (Billy Wayne’s grandson in Lorain, Ohio, on the 28th; and sometime in May the aunt of Wanda Bentley Norwood and Georgia Bentley Starry will celebrate in Grand Blanc, Mich. Her name is Juanita, I don’t know her last name.

Also, I have some anniversary congratulations to send to Gary and Angela Hunsucker in Eolia on the 24th. I believe this will be 34 years for them. On the 25th, Bill and Vanessa Shortt Welch will celebrate, and it will be number 40 for Dannie and Betty Wells in Means. May all your days be special and may you have many, many more.

Jeanie called me and we had a good long chat. She sounded so much more like her old self, I was absolutely delighted. I had begun to worry about her. She has been having quite a bit of company. Claude and Jewell Dixon had been by bringing food; it made my mouth water just listening to Jeanie talk about it. Chicken casserole, sweet potatoes (would love their recipe) not just plain but special, also a cake, m-m-m! They have to be a very special couple. Jeanie had been to church, something she doesn’t get to do every church time. She is a member of Antioch Church in Louisville. A friend of ours from Pleasant View Church, Dennis Elkins, was there. Jeanie said he preached and also sang a beautiful song. He is a really good singer.

Jeanie said Sarah Belle had driven down to see them and said she was doing well. Guess she doesn’t do a lot of long distance driving. It’s only about a twohour drive from Cincinnati to Louisville. Sure hope she’s up to coming our way in August for our family picnic.

Red talked to his sister, Jean. She said she was baking dried apple pies. Their mom, Mattie Engle, could bake the best and my mom made the best fried pies.

We are all packed. We just have to load the car and be on our way. Hoping to see you, but if not just look for me in the paper. I should be the comic section but I will take what I can get.

A country “howdy'” to Gladys Smith in North Carolina. Of all pictures of me you should see was me in my overalls and, yep, I do have white hair and have for years.

Peace, happiness and sunshine to one and all, till next time.

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