Whitesburg KY

Not been out much lately

Hello everyone, hope you are all doing well and have been enjoying the pretty weather, but it’s cold today and we had a little snow in spots.

I was real pleased to see my brother Hillard Howard and wife Marsha the other day. They live in Florida so we don’t get to see them much. Hillard was inducted into the Hall of Fame and we are all proud of him.

My sister Betty’s husband Bertus Tyree is in the Veterans Hospital in West Virginia and having a alot of problems. I think they are going to send him back here for rehab at Letcher Manor and I know he will get the best of care. My husband Clyde and I were there and they sure were great to us and he will be close to home. I’m sure he will be glad of that and he will know a lot of people there.

I talked with my sister Joann Brown. She calls every day and I always look forward to it. She lives in Indianapolis, Ind.

Rose Ballard called me the other day and we had a lot to talk about. She wasn’t feeling well. I hope she is better. She didn’t have her news in The Eagle last week and I know everyone missed it. She always has a lot of news.

I enjoyed going to Pizza Hut with Kevin Day and his son Larry Kevin (L.K.D.) and his son Rocky. His wife Wendy didn’t get to go. She had to work. Linda and Larry Hatton and I had a good time and the food was good. There was a big crowd there and lots of good food.

We had a little bit of snow Saturday morning but it didn’t last. I was glad. I don’t care if it passes us up again.


For some reason I had my Aunt Polly Howard on my mind yesterday. She was my mother Cindy’s sister. I was close to her and was even with her when she passed away at Hazard Hospital.

When I was a young girl we moved to Marlowe and they still lived at Letcher, but we still saw each other often. One day she came to visit us and she asked if I could go home with her for a few days. She lived close to a swimming pool and we went there every day. All the children loved going there.

One day she said, “I have some work to do, so you take the boys and go and stay a long time.” I took all her boys — one was my age, about 14 I think — and we did stay a long time. On our way home, one of the boys said he wondered “where old Doc Ison has been.”

We found out when we got home. Polly was in bed with a baby. I said, “Whose baby is that?” She said, “It’s my baby and his name is Garland, a boy.”

I said, “Why did you want another boy? You had six already.” She said, “I like boys.”

Many years later I sat in church with his sister who had two other sisters. We’ve been close all these years and we have been sitting together for many years.

I still miss Polly.

I was so pleased to get a letter from Glendora Eldridge in Milan, Ind. I hadn’t heard from her in a while and I hoped she was okay. She had lost some of her family and some were sick. She was having trouble with her fingers like me. We both have arthritis in our fingers and can’t hardly write.

She wrote me a long letter and as soon as I read it I sat down and wrote her a long letter. I’ve never met her, but I read her story in her cousin Charles Dixon’s book. She told about her life and her family, a large family of 13 children. I told her we beat her, we had 14 and most of them still live here. I hope some day I get to meet her.

I didn’t have any news last week and I didn’t want to bore everyone. No one ever lets me know what’s going on with them. I really don’t hear from many people and I don’t get out much. I really would like to hear from people and I don’t have Facebook.

I hope Rose Ballard is feeling better. I haven’t heard any more from her.

I haven’t been out much, but I did go to Family Dollar. It’s so close to me and they have about everything. I did run into Barbara Adams and we talked. Her son Kevin goes to our church and we all love him. He has been a big help to our church and I think he can do anything. We certainly appreciate him.

I hope everyone is doing well. I’m hoping to be in my church on Sunday. I’d love to see you there and may God bless all of you.

A big hello to all of our misplaced people. We love you!

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