Whitesburg KY
Partly sunny
Partly sunny

Not enough Ohio snow for bragging rights

Northeast Ohio

Howdy, all you good people. Keeping warm? It’s hard to do so here but I can handle it OK if the wind doesn’t blow. We’ve been having a bit of snow off and on, just not enough to give us bragging rights.

We got a couple more beautiful anniversary cards. Thank you to Mildred Perdue and family in Sterling, Va., and to Jean Cook in Mayking. Just in case I haven’t done so, I want to thank Bob and Eva Dale Douglas for the lovely card we got from them.

Valerie and I made our trip to Cincinnati. We left here at 8 a.m., had breakfast on the way. We took Sarah Belle out for dinner, spent the night, then she took us for breakfast and then home. We had a good visit and she seemed to be well pleased with the job I did on her quilt. Before we left she gave me a stack of quilt books.

Red has been so sick for about two weeks. Had he not gotten a flu shot I would say that’s what he’s had or still has. It must just be a bad, bad cold. Guess his resistance is low.

Billy Wayne is starting a new venture selling used work clothes. Since Catharine closed the store there’s no place to buy them in the area so he should do well. I’m back to doing my old job, sorting clothes for him. Course I do it here at home and at my own pace. Let’s face it, the old gray mare just ain’t what she used to be.

I just talked to Jeanie. She sure sounded good and I got the impression that their anniversary party was a huge success. She said they had around 150 more or less who attended. They had several family members there. On Jeanie’s side were Sarah Belle and Ronald Buford, niece Marcie Hall and her daughter Karen, nephew Tim Sanders, two of our late Uncle Arch and Aunt Sola (Cook) Sergent’s daughters, Thelma Lundy and Dora Jane (don’t know her married name) and Dora’s daughter, and a cousin, Greta (Taylor) Joseph. On Phil’s side were Phil’s twin brother Hal, his sister Emma Amburgey and Emma’s daughter Kim, two cousins Linda (Adams) Hatton and Phyllis (Adams) King, and many, many friends including Dottie (Kiser) Bentley and Steve and Macie Adams. There were many more but no way I can remember all their names. So glad they really enjoyed the day, only wish I could have shared it with them. I may not have been there in person, but my love and thoughts were.

Red’s brother, Chalmer, is still in the hospital in Whitesburg and from what we hear from the family he’s not doing too well. I’m sure Red would love to go down. Maybe when he gets to feeling better and we find a week or so that will be OK weatherwise we can make the trip.

I almost forgot. Christy, I do hope you are feeling better. She fell and hurt herself somewhat. Love you!

Charles just called Red. Chalmer is no better. He said the doctor seemed to think he had suffered a stroke. They can’t do much, he’s just not up to it.

Catharine just stopped by on her way home from work. They are now in their new home. I don’t know how she’s going to manage with all that space. I better get this finished as Catharine has to get home. She goes to work early in the morning. She will be a morning hostess and an evening server, a double shift.

Till next time, stay warm, stay well and be good to each other and may you have a great and peaceful week.

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