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Not good news from Engles

Wishing each and every one a fantastic new year filled with much happiness, health and all good things. And I do hope everyone is well and hope your Christmas was everything you hoped it would be. Was Santa good to you?

Before I forget, I want to wish our great- grandson Damian a belated happy birthday, which was on December 24. Sorry, Damian, we both love you.

Well, don’t have much good news from the Engle household. Red had to see the doctor Tuesday and has to see him Friday. Hopefully we will finally get some good news this time. The doctor just flat out tole him he was a sick man. As for me, I’m just about down, no energy at all. I can only do a bit at a time, have to admit I do more sitting or lying down than doing. Northeast Ohio

My brother, Samuel Chester Sergent, is very ill in Cleveland Clinic and the outcome doesn’t look good at all. I just called all our away siblings to let them know how things are, not an easy thing to do, Henry Warren in Murray; Ronald Buford in Huntsville, Ala.; Jeannie Adams in Louisville, and Anna Lea Goins in Whitesburg.

Had several calls today, some from dear friends and some from family. The first to call were Jay and Beulah Sammons, Vermilion, Ohio, a couple from Little Edna Church that we’ve known and loved for years. Also got calls from two other dear friends Dorothy Potter, Madison, Ohio, and Clara Pfister, Clarkston, Mich., whom we love. Two of Red’s nieces called, Carleta Adams, Eolia, and Lena Stallard, Pound, Va. Lena, bless her heart, is coming up this weekend to spend some time with us. Red said just this morning that we needed someone to stay with us.

Thursday, not a very good day for either of us, but I am going to Cleveland to see Chester. Going with Richard and Rich, they will be doing surgery tomorrow and are not sure he can survive the 12 hours estimated. I feel like I should go even though I’m really not up to it.

Gotta finish this, now may not be back in time to do so before Catharine gets here.

Y’all be good, have a great week and send up a small prayer for my family and all who are in pain and suffering. Love from me.

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