Whitesburg KY

Not ready for winter weather

Hello again everyone!

The mimosa trees have really been beautiful, and I really hate to see the beauty fade.

Several years ago I brought two mimosa sprouts from Blackey. They grew so pretty, and then we had a bad winter so over the years they froze out. I have some new sprouts that are beautiful, and I hope they last through this winter.

There are a few crepe myrtles in this area. My daughter Kay Gray has a white and a purple crepe myrtle in her yard.

Here we are with fall just around the corner. By the time you are reading this, it will be September. I’ve read comments that some are ready for fall and cool weather. I love the beautiful colors as the foliage turns, but I am not ready for cool weather, or winter.

Southern Ohio

Saturday afternoon, my daughter Angie Wiederhold needed to have four tires on her car. I met Angie and my little sidekick at Tire Discounters Veterans Park, which is directly across the road from where Angie lives.

They had something called Fun Day for Kids, and after we dropped the car off we took Bennie so he could play and see what all was there. There were many activities, including a moon bounce, which Bennie really enjoyed. This is the first time all summer that I’ve spent any time with Bennie.

Sunday, there was music at Pioneer Church with Warren and Judy Waldron and Dale Farmer.

After several days of feeling a little better I was very sick Saturday night, and Sunday, so I didn’t think I would go to this event. I was talking to Ricky Caudill, who kept insisting I should go, so I took Ricky’s advice and away I went.

This is the last time for music to be played there for the summer. I am pleased I decided to go as there was a really good crowd of musicians, plus others like me who go to listen.

A musician and his nineyear old daughter were there for the first time. The nineyear old played a fiddle and she was really great, and her dad played the guitar and he was really good.

I wish I had made fliers for Old Time Fiddlers to hand out.

Vicki Power was really tired since she had a busy week taking her granddaughter places for track meetings so she didn’t go with me. At first I didn’t know if I wanted to go by myself, and then I decided to go.

There’s not someone always available when I want to go places, but I really don’t mind going alone.

If I were in the mountains, band members of Sunrise Ridge would get tired of seeing me. I would be going to Carcassonne to the square dances also.

Ricky Caudill would be locking his gate to keep me off his mountain as I would be picking him to go with me.

Bill and Betty’s son Barry Brown, along with Betty’s grandson Hal, had a couple of weeks traveling. Barry and Hal camped along the way, and the pictures on Facebook were really neat.

Les and Pat Wagner, I bet the mountains are calling for you. Doyle and Betty Ison, I hope this finds you doing all right.

Hello, Mike and Marcia Caudill. Oma Hatton, it is really good to read your column again.

As usual I am late trying to get this column to the paper. Remember the Letcher County Picnic at the Harrison Community Center, 300 George St., Harrison, Oh. 45030, on Sept. 24, starting at noon. Bring a covered dish and beverage. It will be at the big shelter.

Until next time.

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