Whitesburg KY

Notice about coal jobs draws much interest

If reaction to a posting on The Mountain Eagle’s Facebook social media site is any indication, employment workers at a Pikeville employment agency better prepare for an onslaught of activity while accepting applications for 250 jobs expected to be available at seven new mines scheduled to open soon in Pike County.

The posting intended to alert out-of-work miners that new jobs are expected to be coming soon at mines operated by High Bridge Mining was “viewed” by 5,032 people who visited The Eagle’s Facebook page over a period of about 15 hours.

The posting was also “shared” on 49 other Facebook sites, meaning hundreds of others probably saw the information as well.

While the number of “views” on the Eagle’s page still fall short of the number of print copies circulated each week, it tripled the number of Facebook users who normally view postings on the Eagle’s site, which was established in August 2010.

The story about the mining jobs and where to apply for them appears on Page B1.

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