Whitesburg KY

Nottingham family welcome baby boy

Hello everyone, how’s everything in your little corner in the world? The Harrison area is once again covered with snow and subzero temperatures.

Now that didn’t stop a new baby from being born! The Nottingham family has a new addition as a little boy was added to a family with three girls. My daughter Anna Nottingham was admitted to the hospital Tuesday morning, then Thursday Jan. 20, in the afternoon the baby was born. They named him Kyle Thomas, and he weighed 7 pounds, 1 ounce. Mom and baby are doing fine, but with the snow I wasn’t able to get there.

Sarah, Jessica and Katelyn are really pleased to have a little brother, and of course Scott is in seventh heaven not being the only male in the Nottingham household. Scott’s only concern was that the baby was okay as Anna had such a difficult pregnancy. It was the same with the three girls, but this one has been more difficult than the others.

I really hope this is the last one, as I am too old to go through the trauma of watching my daughters go through all this.

Anna and baby Kyle Thomas are home now, but I still haven’t gotten over to see them. Anna sent me pictures and I just wanted to reach in the computer and hold him.

I talked to Ann Calihan and it seems as if her family is having their share of heartaches. Her sister, Evadean Marcum, who lost her husband a couple of weeks ago, isn’t doing well at all. I finally got my head together to ask Ann what their sister’s name was that I couldn’t think of, and it is Lavonne who lives in North Carolina, and I think her brother, Hubert Caudill, lives in North Carolina also.

I had the nicest phone conversation with Wanda Ferrel. You talk about someone being alert to have a few years on them, she reminded me so much of my sweet departed friend Clarence Huff, who was wonderful to talk to right up until he left this world. I know because I spoke to him just a short while before he was gone.

Wanda Richardson Ferrell worked as a nurse aide at Whitesburg Hospital then she worked in Home Health Care when she was younger and lived in the mountains. Wanda knows where Roxana and other small surrounding areas are.

Wanda sent me a beautiful card and her writing was just what I needed to read at the time, and then the same with her phone call. Listening to her talk of having two paths to take to get to a house, meaning going across a swinging bridge or driving through the river, well Wanda chose driving through the river! Wanda made it across alright, the only thing she didn’t realize was that when she used her brakes she found she didn’t have any!

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