Whitesburg KY

November named Coal Appreciation Month

Gov. Steve Beshear has designed November as Coal Appreciation Month.

The Governor’s proclamation says:

“Whereas, coal miners are hardworking, dedicated and loyal Kentuckians who work to provide for their families; and

“Whereas, coal miners are a vital asset to the Commonwealth not only as laborers but as devoted citizens because they are known to stay in the state and economically support their communities, education programs, and their respective counties; and

“Whereas, coal miners expose themselves to dangerous risks on the job every day. Therefore, safety is paramount, and regulations designed to protect our miners must continue to be enforced rigorously; and

“Whereas, environmental challenges that face the coal industry should be continually addressed and monitored through appropriate regulations to ensure that our mining communities remain healthy both environmentally and economically now and in the future; and

“Whereas, average electricity costs in Kentucky were 5.43 cents/kilowatthour in 2006, the fourth lowest in the United States. Coal provides 49 percent of the electricity in the country and 92.2 percent of the electricity in Kentucky; and

“Whereas, Kentucky has been one of the top three coal producers in the United States for the last 50 years; and

“Whereas, the Kentucky coal industry paid $1.035 billion in direct wages in 2006, directly employing 17,669 people and indirectly provided 3 additional jobs for every miner employed. The average weekly wage for coal miners in Kentucky was $1,126 during 2006; and

“Whereas, the Kentucky coal industry brought over $3.5 billion into Kentucky from out of state during 2006 through coal sales to customers in 30 other states and 4 foreign countries. Kentucky coal companies paid $221.42 million in coal severance taxes in Fiscal Year 2006-07.”

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