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• “Frozen peas make the best quickie ice pack ever. They stay cold without being bulky and conform to just about any shape. You also can make a holder by doubling over a kitchen towel and stitching it up on the ends, leaving one end open. Stick your ice pack inside and apply directly to the skin. We have a bag of frozen peas that we drew a big “X” on, so we know that’s the ‘ice pack’ peas!” — R.M. in Oregon

• You may have heard that wax paper can make your kitchen and bathroom faucets shine, but did you know it can help your shower curtain slide back and forth smoothly too? Just wipe a sheet across the bar. This also can work in the closet for your rods there. Wax paper to the rescue!

• Include reminders in your planner or calendar for mundane chores like changing the air filter or treating pets for pests. As a reward, pair it with something fun, like a family game night or girls’ night out!

• “If you’re changing out a door, save the old hollowcore door. If you balance it on two sawhorses, it’s a perfect work surface, and the door is light enough to tote around.” — T.F. in Texas

• Rub a magnet along the shaft of your screwdriver to magnetize it and keep screws from dropping, which can be a real pain if you’re working in a tight spot or up high on a ladder.

• “Here’s a nifty trick for spots where you need a nail but there’s no room for a hammer. If you can wedge a C-clamp in, hold it steady on the nail head and tighten to drive the nail into the board.” — L.W. in Oregon

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