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Now here’s a good tip

• If you heat a pita in the microwave first, it will be easier to open and will rip less. About 10 seconds should do. — M.E. in Georgia

• Two ways to remove a bandage: Rub a little baby oil or vegetable oil over it. The oil will soak in and make it easier to remove. Or – and this works especially well with kids — have them soak in the bath and use baby shampoo to soften the sticky edges.

• I use double-stick tape to hang lighter items on my walls, since it does not leave a hole, and I am a renter. You also can use it to reduce noise from vibrations. For instance, I used it in my car to keep the carpet lying flat in the trunk. — J.T. via e-mail

• Here is a sewing tip for your column: I prewash fabrics that tend to shrink, before I use them to make clothing items. That way, the fit is more accurate. — G.V. in Indiana

• I have said this before, but I’m happy to give a reminder with the holidays coming up and possibly new cellular technology in your family’s future: Many of us have found ourselves with old cellphones that still work, but don’t have the features we want. If you get a new phone, donate your old one. There are groups that refurbish the phones and give them to domestic violence victims for emergency purposes. Other groups send the phones back into use in the developing world. Any way you recycle your phone is a benefit to the environment. Check with www.donateaphone.org, www.collectivegood.com or Verizon Wireless’ HopeLine.

• Instead of using costly brass polish, try a little lemon juice and salt. Another brass polish you probably have right now is ketchup. Apply a thin layer and buff off with a soft rag.

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