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Now here’s a good tip

• “To get to dust bunnies under the fridge or any piece of heavy furniture, wrap packing tape stickyside out on a yard stick. Then, just swipe under the furniture, and out comes the dust.” — I.E. in Virginia

• Instant serving “bowls” for chips: Using your hands, lightly push the bottom of the bag into itself, creating a bottom. Use scissors to trim bag top down to access potato chips easily. Or, if you don’t have scissors, simply create a cuff to make the bag shorter. This way, you can reclose the bag if there are chips left over, and chips don’t spill out of the bag left on its side.

• Never add flour or cornstarch directly to a soup or broth for gravy. Dissolve in a few tablespoons in water first and add gradually. You won’t get the lumps.

• Got fruit flies? Their short life cycle can make it incredibly hard to rid yourself of their presence. Here’s a great trap you can DIY. Add about 1/4 cup of apple cider vinegar to a mason jar. Drop in a piece of overripe fruit. Roll up a square of paper to make a small funnel, and tape into shape. Set the funnel into the jar. The flies go in for the fruit and vinegar, then can’t get out.

• If you want to bring shake-on spices or garnishes to a picnic, use an empty Tic Tac container. This is great for, say, Parmesan cheese that goes on a pasta salad at the last minute, or grill spices that you can shake on.

• “If you have iron stains in your sink or elsewhere, fill ‘er up with Coca-Cola, and let it sit for several minutes. The Coke will eat away at the stains, and will make it easier to get them off.” — A.C. in Maryland

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