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Now here’s a good tip

• “Microwave cleaning and sponge cleaning at the same time? Yes, please. Soak a sponge in a shallow dish, and squirt it with lemon juice. Microwave for 30-45 seconds, and then use to scrub the interior of your microwave. If you have clinging stink, fill a glass bowl with 2 cups of water and add a half cup of baking soda. Microwave to a rolling boil, 3-5 minutes. Allow it to steam for 5 minutes and wipe out.” — K.F in Connecticut

• Fresh versus frozen in the seafood aisle: Unless you’re at the docks, most seafood in the grocer’s fresh fish case is thawed from frozen. Always ask. It’s much cheaper to buy frozen and thaw it yourself.

• A great idea for mini ice packs: Freeze ketchup packets you get from takeout food. They are great for icing small bumps or bug bites.

• Kids always breaking crayons? For rough little artists, here’s a quick fix: Cut short lengths of plastic straws to fit over the crayon. Slip over and tape closed. It gives the crayon a little more structure and protects it from breaking when a child presses down to color with a flourish!

• “If you need to keep your 1-year-old corralled in the bath, try using a laundry basket. The water flows in, but she has only so much room to roam. And it lessens the odds she could slip away from you to the other side of the tub. Always stay with baby from the first drop to the last!” — W.H. in Texas

• Just after painting, I found that I had small dots of paint on my hands from the roller brush. I grabbed a bottle of olive oil that was on the counter and rubbed a generous amount in my hands. The paint drops came right off with a washcloth.” — I.L. in Oregon

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