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Now here’s a tip

• “Our 4-year-old twins were recently in my sister’s wedding as flower girls. To get them used to their outfits, the dress-shop owner suggested they wear the dresses in 10-, 20- and 30-minute sessions in the two weeks preceding the wedding — during activities where they would not stain or otherwise damage the dress. They were more comfortable in their clothes after having ‘practiced,’ and they didn’t pull at their clothes and fidget much.” — T.F., via e-mail

• Here’s a tip for a quick pin cushion: Use a clean Styrofoam tray. The pins go in straight, and are quite secure.

• “When we’re playing card games with the kids, they use a large chip clip to hold their ‘hand’ together. It works pretty well.” — W.R. in Ohio

• Pizza cutters make great sandwich trimmers. You easily can trim the crust and cut the sandwich. They’re also great for cutting up hot dogs.

• To attack cobwebs or dust high walls, cover a broom head with a pillowcase. You’ll get better coverage, and the pillowcase can easily be tossed in the wash.

• “We don’t have a mudroom in our house, so to catch water and mud on days of heavy rain, I have a clean plastic shower curtain that I place on the floor of the entranceway. We leave wet, muddy shoes on it, and it even can catch drips from umbrellas and such. The whole thing can be dragged to the garage if necessary.” — I.S. in Alabama

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