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Now here’s a tip

• “Here’s a great idea for sewers out there. Sew several towels together in a giant square for a family beach blanket. This works great, since it’s absorbent, and the large size gives you room for what our family calls a ‘sand border.’ That’s the area of the towel that get sandy from your feet.” — A.C. in California

• It’s officially grill season just about everywhere. To get yours ready time after time, follow these simple steps: After you use your grill, scrape excess gunk from grill and rub down grates with olive oil. Then spray with water. Let dry for the next time.

• Frozen grapes make terrific ice cubes for older children and adults. Try it for your next backyard barbecue or block party. Remove grapes from the stem, rinse and freeze until hard. Shake to separate and add to any drink that could use a light, grapey flavor — cocktails, punch, juices and even cola!

• To prevent a soggy bottom on a cream pie, sprinkle the bottom of the crust with sugar before filling.

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