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Now here’s a tip

• When frosting a cake, put a dollop of frosting in the middle of the serving plate, and then invert your cake onto it. It will keep the cake from sliding around while you frost.

• “I try to keep a clean plastic no-spill cup in the car for each of my kids at all times. They don’t always remember to bring a drink, and we can fill them at water fountains when we unexpectedly visit the park or other fun places.” — K.R. in Nevada

• Keep your outdoor hardwood furniture (teak, acacia, etc.) looking its best by cleaning and oiling it once per year. Liberally apply oil made for wood with a clean rag, then use another rag to wipe off any excess. It’s a simple thing that can make a big diff erence.

• “When I replaced the twel rack in our bathroom, my husband decided to keep the old one for his shop. He put several ‘S’ hooks on it, and stores all manner of tools and supplies on it.” — M.W. in Michigan

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