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Now here’s a tip

• This is an easy doit yourself project: Cut a bleach or laundry detergent bottle in half. Use the handle to scoop pet poop, and the bottom as a receptacle. You can line the bottom with a plastic bag and do the whole back yard. Tie the bag and dispose of it in the trash. Store-bought scoops can cost as much as $20!

• “I have a lot of plastic film containers around, since I still like to take regular photos. But I have found a use for them that crosses over into digital. I store a couple batteries in a container and stick it in my digital camera case. That way I always have a fresh refill ready to go.” — P.E. in Massachusetts

• After you have addressed a package using a felt-tip marker, either rub it with a white candle or cover it with tape to protect it from rain.

• A great camping tip: “To keep ants off your camp table, bring four clean tuna or cat-food cans. Fill them about three-fourths of the way with water and stick them under the table’s legs. The ants can’t climb up the legs.” — K.R. in Georgia

• Keep tablecloths and cloth napkins from creasing by rolling them around a cardboard tube and securing the ends with fabric ties. Store in a drawer.

• Clean the screens on your patio or window with a carpet scrap. Cut a carpet scrap to fit a block of wood, nail it down and use it to clean the screens.

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