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Now here’s a tip

• Don’t throw away your old colander; give it to the kids to use in the sandbox or bathtub.

• “To hurry along stubborn ice patches when defrosting a freezer, fill a bulb syringe with hot water and squirt the ice to melt it.” — W.J. in California

• “To eliminate static cling when wearing stockings, rub legs lightly with a fabric-softener sheet.” — V.T. in Delaware

• For a better grip on baby during bathtime, grab a pair of cotton gloves from the nail-care section of the drugstore. They are very lightweight, and can double as a washcloth. They also dry quickly when clipped to the shower curtain with a clothespin.

• “Remove rust from a car bumper with cola and foil. Crumble up a piece of aluminum foil and dip it in a plain cola, like Coke. Rub out the rust.” — O.P. in Virginia

• “When using a recipe card, put it into a plastic bag and seal the bag. This way, no splatters or mess from your hands can damage the card. You can feel free to handle it, and it can go back into the recipe box clean as a whistle.” — T.D. in Washington

• When making stuff ed peppers, try placing the peppers in a muffin tin. They are stable and stand upright with ease. Simply place each pepper in a well and bake.

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