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Now here’s a tip

• For sunburned skin, try using cold mayonnaise as a balm. And next time, wear sunblock!

• “Here’s how I remember to take my daily pills: I place the pill bottles by my coff eemaker. In the morning, I fix my cup of coffee and get all my pills together. Then I set the bottles on the opposite counter. In the evening, I prep the next day’s pot of coff ee and move the bottles back to the coffeemaker. If they are by the coff eemaker, and it’s not set up, I have not taken them yet.” — M.R. in Florida

• When giving pills to dogs, try this old trick: Hide the pill in peanut butter. It masks the scent and taste of most pills, and will work for many dogs.

• Help for mosquito bites: Try rubbing a bit of Vick’s Vapo-Rub into an itchy mosquito bite. The menthol will soothe the itch.

• Purchase a set of inexpensive Frisbees at a discount store and use them as food plates in the car or at the picnic table. They can be “filled” with a snack or more, and they travel well, since there is a nice-size “lip” to keep food in place.

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