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Now here’s a tip

• “If you are facing a dusty bookshelf and don’t want to just spread dust around, try this handy hint: Cover your vacuum cleaner hose with a leg of pantyhose, and vac the dust right off the shelves. You can stir it up with a feather duster, or get right on the books or shelf. The hose will let air and dust through, but won’t suck up any small items on the shelf.” — R.F. in Pennsylvania

• “I love to clip coupons, which I take to the store in a reusable plastic envelope. To remember to use the coupons, when I get to the store, I take out my debit card and put it in the envelope with the coupons. This way, I can’t pay without being reminded to whip out those little money-savers!” — Y.L. in South Carolina

• “Get a wonderful shine to your hair by rinsing it with cool water and vinegar. Don’t worry about the smell; it goes away quickly, leaving your tresses shiny and lustrous. I do this once a week and get comments on my hair all the time.” — D.E. in Massachusetts

• If you have mineral deposits in a narrow-neck vase, try using a denture-cleaning tablet. Add a small amount of water to the vase (enough to cover the deposits), then drop in the tablet, breaking it up as needed. Let it sit overnight or as the package directs, and rinse well.

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