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• With school back in session soon (if it’s not already), you can save resources and money by reusing sandwich bags. It seems like such a small thing, but if you’re using the baggie for a sandwich, then just wrap the sandwich in a paper towel (which you can then use as a napkin) or a piece of waxed paper before you stick it in the bag. You can use the same sandwich bag all week long.

• “Smashed bugs come right off of your windshield if you sprinkle baking soda on a damp rag and rub them out with the rag.” — G.T. in Arkansas

• “Back- t o -school clothes shopping can be draining when you have a preteen. I got tired of being the bad guy for saying ‘no’ to high-priced items, so I put my son in charge of his shopping budget. We went together, and after we took care of the essentials (undergarments, socks, etc.), he was allowed to spend the rest in a fashion of his own choosing. He quickly saw that one or two highdollar outfits would eat up his whole budget. He splurged on one thing he loved and spent the rest much more rationally — without any ugly looks or hard feelings!” — R.G. in North Carolina

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