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Now here’s a tip

• You can thicken soup by adding a tablespoon or so of instant mashed potatoes. Yummy and so easy.

• “Did you know that in addition to being better for your baby nutritionally, mother’s milk is an excellent bargain — FREE? Nursing can save you up to $40 per week in your baby’s first year. Even if you purchased an array of supplies meant to make breastfeeding more convenient — pumps, storage containers, shawls — you’d still save upward of $1,500 that year. Wow!” — A Reader, via e-mail

• Here’s a really great, cheap rinse for brunettes: cooled black coff ee. Make a pot in the morning, and let it sit until it’s cold. Then, after washing your hair, just rinse it with the coff ee and let drip. Give it a quick shot of water, then pat dry.

• “I loved the convenience of frozen pancakes, but wished there was more variety in flavors. So I decided to make my own. I make my pancakes with all the fruits and nuts added in, then freeze them on a flat sheet. When frozen, they can be stacked and bagged. I take what I want out and microwave it for instant madeto order pancakes!” — T.Y. in Texas

• “To make a pen easier to grasp for arthritic hands, make two X’s with a sharp knife on either side of a rubber ball (like a racquetball). Push a pen through. This is what we do for my grandmother, who loves to write, but whose hands get tired trying to hold a pen steady.” — O.D. in Maryland

• To store larger bags of pet food, purchase an appropriately sized garbage can with a tightfitting lid. Old plastic cups make great scoops, too.

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