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Now here’s a tip

• When raking leaves, use this handy-dandy hint: Rake your leaves directly onto a sheet you’ve spread on the ground. Gather up the corners and drag to your compost area. Or bag most of it, then shake the excess into a bag using the same gathering motion.

• In a pinch, you can use an old shoulder pad as a “peepee teepee” when changing a baby boy.

• “Protect candleholders from wax drippings by coating the inside of the holder with a little petroleum jelly. But don’t do this for tapered candles, as it could cause the candle to slip over while lit; use for the bottoms of votives and such.” — D.R. in Canada

• Shower curtains can be hung inside a regular curtain to insulate a room from window drafts.

• Unwrapped bars of soap can be used in closets or dresser drawers as nice-smelling sachets until you’re ready to use them.

• “My children love to help me measure out ingredients when baking cookies, but they aren’t all that precise about getting items in measuring cups. In short, there’s a real mess afterward. I now have them measure dry goods over a piece of newspaper and wet goods over the sink. The kitchen is much cleaner now.”— F.H. in Virginia

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