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Now here’s a tip

• If you are whipping fresh cream, make sure you chill bowls, beaters and cream before starting. Get them good and cold. It will give the best results.

• This is a great recipe for deer repellent: Mix up hot peppers, garlic cloves, liquid soap and water. Spray your plants with the mixture. It will not hurt the plants, but it will keep the deer (and other animals) from eating them.

• “Slow cookers make great servers for hot cider and also hot chocolate. You can keep them on warm for as long as you like, and there’s no need to reheat — it’s always the right temperature.” — C.B. in Minnesota

• Here’s a great idea: When you clean out your fish tank, use the water in your garden. Pour it on your plants or put in a watering can and use a little on each of your houseplants.

• Store sour-cream and cottage-cheese containers upside-down. The contents will keep longer. This also works for larger yogurt containers.

• Plastic grocery bags always come in handy. Store them in empty tissue boxes for the car or bathroom, or use an empty 12-pack soda box to store even more under your kitchen sink or in the garage.

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