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Now here’s a tip

• Here’s another great clothespin tip: “Clothespin plus dish towel equals baby bib (or Uncle Frank bib, in some cases).” — T.R. in Missouri

• “To hand-wash clothes, fill a washer with water and add detergent. Add clothes that you need to hand-wash, and let run in machine 1 minute or less (longer if soiled). Then take the clothes out and place in a clean bucket or hip pan to rinse out. Hang or lay flat to dry. You can use the wash water to do the next load of normal wash.” — E.B. in Mississippi

• “Put on and dampen a pair of rubber gloves, then run your hands over your upholstery to pick up excess pet hair. This works really well on the backs of our couches, which is where our cats love to sleep.” — W.L. in New Mexico

• If you need to make large ice cubes, try using an egg carton as an ice-cube tray. You can make a whole dozen and put them in a gallon-size plastic baggie. They’re great for punch in large bowls, adding to iced tea in the pitcher and for packing coolers, since they melt slower than regular ice cubes.

• Hang a suncatcher with dental floss. You probably have some around the house, and it’s pretty strong.

• “If the soles of your shoes are too new, they can be slippery. I find that I can rough up the soles of my shoes with an emery board or a small piece of fine-grit sandpaper. I don’t want to slip, and the rougher surface helps on some of my nicer dress shoes that don’t get a lot of wear.” — C.L. in Pennsylvania

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