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Now here’s a tip

• Keep maternity jackets to wear over that baby carrier so that Mom and baby stay snuggly warm — together.

• “The soles of my work boots got worn down. I had paid a lot of money for the boots, and they are really well-made, so I didn’t want to part with them. I took them to a shoe-repair place, and the owner said he could resole them for a really great price. They are like brand-new now. Maybe it’s just me, but I had never thought of having a new sole put on a shoe. I’m happy I learned about it.” — R.L. in Tennessee

• “This is a fun thing to do for kids on St. Patrick’s Day: Turn milk, scrambled eggs, mashed potatoes or any food green with a little nontoxic food dye. It’s really fun, and the reactions you get are so cute!” — C.F. in California

• Periodically run your clothes washer through a load on hot with 3 cups of vinegar added to the water. Do not add any clothes. Use a washcloth or old towel dipped in the water to scrub the outside of the machine. Let the washer cycle through, and leave it open afterward to air-dry. This will clean out any gunk in the machine and help it to work better.

• “ We save the wide rubber bands that come on vegetables and use them on our cups. We write a name on the band, and put it around the base of our cup for the day. This way, no one will come along and think it’s just a dirty cup that wasn’t put away. We have cut way down on cups in the dishwasher this way.” — J.J. in Florida

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