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Mostly sunny

Now here’s a tip

• To clean artificial flowers, place the arrangement flowers first into a paper bag. Add a cup of salt and gather the opening of the bag around the stems of the flowers. Twist closed and hold tightly at the stems. Shake the arrangement vigorously. The salt beats the dust off the flowers. Hold the bag upside down for a second and shake lightly to make sure all the salt granules fall off into the bag, and then remove the arrangement.

• Ink stains can sometimes be removed from clothing or furniture upholstery by using rubbing alcohol or hairspray. Using a clean paper towel or white cloth, spray the ink, and immediately dab and press several times. Repeat using a clean portion of the cloth until the stain is removed.

• “I purchase large pieces of cheese from my bulk retailer. I keep it fresh and mold-free by wrapping it in cheesecloth that I have sprayed with plain white vinegar.” — E.C. in Indiana

• “I use an old hairbrush to remove the lint from the trap on my dryer. My hands and my grip aren’t what they used to be, and sometimes it would be hard to get the lint started. The brush is easy to use, and I just swipe it over the screen and knock the lint off into a small trash can.” — A.L. in Ontario, Canada (c) 2011 King Features Synd.

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