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Now here’s a tip

• “My dogs stay outside most of the day now, while the weather is so nice. We bring them indoors when it gets too hot, but for a treat, we will freeze a plastic cup of ice and then chuck the “ice block” on the porch. They lick at it and play with it. It’s like a little doggie water park when they are done.” — M.E. in Ohio

• Finding a summer camp for your kids can be a chore. Check with your child’s school and school friends for recommendations. Also, see if your city’s recreation department is holding any camps. Some county extension offices (agriculture department) offer camps. Many of these are reasonably priced. Don’t delay.

• “I have a tip for you. When pouring water into your coffee maker, use a 4-inch funnel, placing it in the tank. It helps to keep from spilling water. Pour slowly!” — P.T. in Illinois

• “To keep the kitchen garbage can from smelling, put meat, vegetables, fruit and peelings in a bread bag, and put it in the freezer until you take it outside for the garbage collector.” — E.L. in Virginia

• “Keep fast-food coupons in your car’s glove compartment. They will be there if you need to drive through, and will be handy for picking up dinner on the way home. If you need them at home, chances are your car is there anyway!” — F.D. in Alabama

• Got paper to recycle? More and more schools are recycling paper as a way to fundraise. Don’t have a kid in school? Drive by and look for a Dumpster or bin that’s labeled. Odds are good you’ll find one. If you don’t, ask!

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