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Now here’s a tip

• Use a mesh bag to hold flowers in place in a vase. Just roll or wad it up and put it down in the bottom of the vase. When you’re done with the flowers, you can use a stick to swish the bag around and loosen any gunk inside the vase when cleaning. Launder the mesh or just toss it.

• When freezing leftovers, especially soup or stew, consider using zipperclosing bags. They can be filled and frozen flat, then stacked nicely. They take up much less room than standard containers.

• “To make a waterproof mattress protector in a pinch, slit a large garbage bag down the side and bottom, lay it flat over the mattress and cover with a beach towel. Then put the sheet over that. The garbage bag protects the mattress; the towel makes it comfortable.” — U.D. in Tennessee

• “Keep extra liner bags in the bottom of the garbage can. They are handy, so you’ll be more likely to reline the can as soon as you take the garbage out.” — K.P. in Massachusetts

• Keep a box of baking soda in the fridge to absorb odors. When it’s time to replace it, dump it down the drain and follow with a small bottle of vinegar and a hot water flush. Keep your kitchen smelling nice and use fewer chemicals to do it.

• “Here’s a fun invitation to make and receive: Blow up a balloon and pinch (don’t tie). Write the details of the party on the balloon in permanent marker. Let it dry fully before you deflate it. Then send it!” — R.A. in Washington (c) 2011 King Features Synd.

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