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Now here’s a tip

• Keep medication bottles to hold buttons, spare change or even hand lotion. Be sure to clean well before reusing.

• “Stuff boots with clean foam egg cartons to keep them from flopping over between wearings. If the leg material is not heavy, you can even cut a carton in half lengthwise. Rolled-up magazines also will work for this purpose.” — I.Y. in New York

• “Used fabric-softener sheets can be used to shine faucets and to clean the tub. I use mine for dusting around the house too. To keep a steady supply, I put an empty tissue box next to my dryer. When the clothes (and the used sheets) come out, I stuff them down in the box, and they are ready whenever I need one.” — B.J. in Arizona

• A chef’s trick to keep cooked spinach green is to make sure the pot is not covered while cooking.

• “When cooking shrimp in a bouillon, put them in the freezer for about 10 minutes before cooking. They will cook up nice and tender. I have had success with this when grilling too. When putting shrimp on a skewer, I use double skewers, which hold about five shrimp. When I thread the skewers side by side, the shrimp are easier to turn over, and they do not spin on the skewer.” — R.R. in Florida

• To keep cheese blocks moist and mold-free, place a piece of napkin dampened with white vinegar in with the cheese in a container with a tight-fitting lid.

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