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Now here’s a tip

• Glycerin, wiped on and buffed off, can keep bathroom windows and glass mirrors from fogging.

• “Out of baby powder and facing a bit of diaper rash? Use cornstarch on baby’s bottom to soothe. It works just as well or better, in my opinion, and it’s not expensive at all. It’s particularly suitable for children who have sensitive skin, as there are no perfumes in it. Be sure to put either powder into your hand slowly, to avoid a cloud of dust that baby could inhale!” – A.D. in Maine

• Use leftover egg cartons to sprout seedlings. Fill with potting soil, add seeds and water. Cover with clear plastic to maximize heat and you should see some activity in a few days.

• If you need a place to store long, tapered candles, wrap them in tissue paper and stuff into the cardboard core of a roll of paper towels (after you’ve used the paper towels, of course). You can write the color or style (holiday, metallic, etc.) on the outside, and they stack well in a drawer.

• “After hard-boiling eggs, save the water for your plants. They like the extra nutrients. Also, you can save the shells and throw them on a cookie sheet and into the oven for 20 to 30 minutes on a very low temperature, maybe 250 F, to kill off any bacteria. Crush them up and put them out for calcium-hungry birds. They love them.” – R.E. in Washington

• Run hot water in the bath or shower before cleaning. The hot water and steam loosen the dirt, making it easier to clean.

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