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Now here’s a tip

• Plant deciduous trees (trees that lose their leaves in the fall) strategically in order to reduce your heating and cooling costs. Their leaves emerge in the spring to block summer’s heating rays, but when winter comes, they fall off to let the sun in, warming things up a bit.

• Keep nail-polish bottles easy to open by rubbing a little bit of petroleum jelly inside the cap of the bottle.

• M.C. in Arizona would like to know some alternative uses for hair conditioner. Here goes: as a shaving lotion for legs or face; a makeup remover; ouchfree bandage removal; to soften makeup brushes or paintbrushes before storage; to get knots out of doll hair or costume wigs; washing delicates (think silks and pantyhose); rub on a shower rod to help curtain glide effortlessly; and lastly, soak a shrunken sweater in a conditioner/water solution to soften the fibers, then gently try stretching the sweater back to size.

• “Clean an egg carton very well, then flip it over and make slits in each egg cup. This works wonders as a child’s card holder for card games.” — L.P. in Maryland

• Use an empty paper towel roll to store plastic grocery bags. Just stuff to capacity. These “bag sticks” are easy to store in a drawer or even be mounted on the side of a trash can with double-stick tape.

• When cleaning glass tabletops or chrome fixtures, try using newspaper instead of paper towels or rags. There is no lint left behind, and newspaper gives a better shine.

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