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Now here’s a tip

• There are many uses for empty Tic Tac containers. Here are three: Wrap with pretty paper and use as a tiny vase for a single-stem flower. Or, use them to separate small scrapbooking supplies. Last, thread two needles with a length of thread — one white and one black. Poke the needles through a small square of paper and wrap the thread around the paper. Slip into the container for a travel sewing kit.

• Need your nails to dry in a hurry? Use the cool setting on your hair dryer. It works really fast. — L.E. in Georgia

• To get a couple more days out of your cat litter, clean the box out and mix in a cup of baking soda.

• Remove mildew from plastic shower curtains by spraying them with a mix of bleach and water, or just toss them in the washing machine with your next load of towels.

• We have a playroom, and the kids argue about who made what mess and who should clean up which toys. We made a cleaning schedule for the room, having one or two children per day responsible to clean up at the end of the day. It was a rough start, but the kids have learned to clean up as they go rather than leave a big mess for someone else (payback is not kind). — A Mom, via email

• If your vacuum has a paper filter, spray it with your fave perfume or essential oil. It will blow into the air as you vacuum, leaving behind a pleasant scent.y (c) 2011 King Features Synd.

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