Whitesburg KY

Now here’s a tip

• Using your fireplace? Try adding citrus peels to the logs for a nice aroma. They can be a good starter material as well.

• Those hide-a-key rocks can be a little obvious — at least they are to me. I have a spare key hidden outside too, but I sealed mine in a plastic baggie and buried it in a spot known only to our family members. Also, it’s not right by the door. — I.E. in Mississippi

• When closing up our cabin for the season, we brought a box of mothballs and scattered them around the porch perimeter. This keeps small animals like mice and skunks from setting up shop there while no one is around. — S.F. in Pennsylvania

• Now’s a great time to start weatherstripping! Check and recaulk windows. Caulk along baseboards to deter drafts. Add insulation to electrical outlets and under sinks around plumbing. Seal it up to stay toasty this winter.

• “To remove the skin from salmon, I freeze it and skin it while frozen. The skin comes off much easier, and I waste less of the fish. I buy a large piece and parcel it into several smaller pieces, since it’s just me. I like salmon, and it’s healthy for me!” — L.A. in Florida (c) 2011 King Features Synd.

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