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Now here’s a tip

• “I have added an additional shower curtain bar in my tub. I hang up my towels and washcloths there to air dry, and they are out of sight behind the shower curtain. It’s very convenient.” — A Reader, via email

• “I put out small candy dishes in my home, and I like to keep them filled with goodies throughout the year. When I have little children over, I put them up high and let parents know that they and the children are welcome to have as much as they like. The parents appreciate this, as the children sometimes like to overindulge.” — D.A. in Rhode Island

• Unexpected company on the way? Throw clutter in a laundry basket and stash. Clear the sink of dirty dishes, take out the garbage, clean the faucets, sink and mirror in the bathroom most likely to be used and, finally, sweep or vacuum the floors. This should not take long, but these moves will maximize the feeling of cleanliness in your house.

• Here’s another use for a bandanna: in-a-pinch earmuff s. Tie around head and position over cold ears to keep winter winds at bay.

• Another great tip from M.W. in Saskatchewan, Canada: When traveling, let your host/hostess know of any serious health problems or allergies you may have and what to do in case of an emergency.

• One great item to have on hand in your pantry: jarred peppers and olives. They can be used to make a quick but sophisticated appetizer, and they add a lot of flavor for their price. They are very stable on the shelf, so you can keep them around just in case. (c) 2011 King Features Synd.

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