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Now here’s a tip

• “Set up a phone call between kids and grandparents a week or so before visiting. They can talk about what the kids might like to do. It gives the grandparents time to prepare, and it gives kids a chance to build excitement before the trip.” — G.R. in Ohio

• Clean and disinfect a wood cutting board with salt and lemon juice. Sprinkle the board with a healthy dose of plain salt (kosher or coarse salt works best), and scrub it with a cut half of a lemon. Rinse and clean with soap and water.

• Hairspray spritzed on the end of a thread will stiffen it long enough to get it through a needle head. You also can thread your needle in front of a surface that’s an opposing color (e.g., a white piece of paper while threading a needle with black thread).

• “When shopping for seamless bras, bring a Tshirt that is relatively tightfi tting to wear over the bras. You will know right away if there are seam lines or if the cup is too small. These issues sometimes get overlooked when a bra is worn under a looser shirt.” — E.D. in Ontario, Canada

• Another use for baking soda: It’s a perfect exfoliator. It’s good for the whole body and is pH-neutral, so it won’t overdry skin. To use it, just make a paste and rub onto skin. Rinse, and enjoy the softness.

• Cold and flu got you down? Once you clear those symptoms, try gargling with saltwater. It reduces inflammation in your throat and washes away irritants and bacteria.

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