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Now here’s a tip

• “If you are serving a moist cake, preserve the outside pieces by securing a slice of bread to both cut surfaces with toothpicks. The cake will not dry out, meaning every slice is a winner!” — Ethel B. in Salt Lake City

• To remove soot from your carpet, sprinkle it with salt, let sit and then vacuum. Repeat as many times as necessary to remove all traces.

• Got extra mittens? If you do, you’ll love this tip from Natalie H. of Portland, Maine: “This year, after unpacking the winter clothes for the season, I noticed I had several pairs of mittens without matches. I use them to dust around the house. They work perfectly.”

• Make doctor’s appointments on or near a major holiday every year. That way you don’t end up forgetting when your last annual exam or dental cleaning was.

• Fashion mavens suggest using the rule of threes when purchasing clothing: Do not buy an item if you haven’t got at least three other pieces of clothing that will go with it. Another helpful hint for clothes shoppers: Try and buy on separate trips. Go window shopping without your wallet to try on items, then go back the next day for purchasing. Odds are you might change your mind on several items when given the opportunity to think about it. Plus, you can feel free to have fun trying on clothing without the pressure of actually purchasing.

• If you store nail polish in the fridge, it will dry more quickly and last longer.

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